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I haven't been on Newgrounds in a while, and right when I come back I see this.

Welcome back Cycon, can't wait to see what you've got coming. Any chance the old website is coming back up?

A little late for a Christmas flash, but the animation and art was fantastic. Unfortunately, a lot of the jokes were pretty stale in my opinion. The voice acting wasn't that great either, but otherwise great job!

Greatest Movie Ever

You've clearly captured the main theme of adventure time and brought them all together into one flash movie.

You really got me with that surprise ending too bro.

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Real good game but...

(Constructive Criticism removed on the grounds of copyright infringement)

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To stop the coins from going under 0.

On each of the buttons for stuff (like farm house, bread, etc.) add an if statement around it.

for example.

if((money - INSERT PRICE HERE) > 0){

Whatever you already have goes here.


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Standard Sudoku Game

Even though we already have about a million sudoku games on Newgrounds, this one stands out in a couple ways. The one I liked the most was the shocking noise the game makes when you make a mistake.

One second, I'm choosing my number and the next, I'm huddled in the corner in fear that sudoku would yell at me again.

Really unoriginal, but still alright,

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See satan?

This is almost harder than the debt of my sister's unborn fetus.

I like it

I like the overall sound and how each instrument compliments the next.

Btw, can you tell me what fruity loops instruments you used for this?

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well to be honest.

i felt like weird spikes hit my hands when i played this. i'm being honest

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Not as good as your last one.


supermariobunny responds:

I wanted better quaity.

Amazing sir.

I can't believe how much detail you put into this. YOU SIR, ARE THE GREATEST ARTIST WHO EVER LIVED!

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supermariobunny responds:

Heh.yeah.You'll be even more suprised at my movie i'm making right now.

I'm back, and looking to make some vidya gaems.

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