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Real good game but...

(Constructive Criticism removed on the grounds of copyright infringement)

To stop the coins from going under 0.

On each of the buttons for stuff (like farm house, bread, etc.) add an if statement around it.

for example.

if((money - INSERT PRICE HERE) > 0){

Whatever you already have goes here.


Standard Sudoku Game

Even though we already have about a million sudoku games on Newgrounds, this one stands out in a couple ways. The one I liked the most was the shocking noise the game makes when you make a mistake.

One second, I'm choosing my number and the next, I'm huddled in the corner in fear that sudoku would yell at me again.

Really unoriginal, but still alright,

Needs a lot of improvement.

Well, it seems like you're just starting out in actionscript. You got Bill's basic movement down, but your main flaws come in with shooting. In the contra series, Bill can fire at almost any position imaginable. In this 'game' he can't even fire while running, not to mention the fact that he fires at about 1 bullet per second.

It also looks like Bill's bullets are a part of the same movie clip as him, so whenever they hit another platform, it propels him backwards. I'm sure if you looked up some tutorials you could find an easy way to fix a lot of these problems.

The main problem, however is the fact that you're submitting a completely unfinished game. 3 Platforms and a player does not a game make. Also, your platforms were simply black boxes. You couldn't use some sprite from contra for your platforms or even implement some sort of decent looking background? Take it from me, submitting an unfinished game is not the way to go in terms of Newgrounds.

I hope my review helped you in some way, good luck in the world of actionscript.

I don't exactly understand...

Was this something intended to be watched while high? I don't think some customizable epilepsy machine is good for stoners in general. Though I can't exactly provide any first hand experience on the matter since I don't do pot.

If potheads actually enjoy flashing lights, good job.

Unoriginal, but alright.

All it is is a renamed game of minesweeper. It's a decent game, but very short, seeing as though each mode only grants you one level of gameplay, which really calls the need of a high-score board into question.

It shows effort, but it isn't a very good game.

mordaza responds:

Hi, and thanks for commenting, sorry about the Hi-Scoring, it has been down for a couple of days but its up and running again and yes I know it doesnt offer moe than one level with each difficulty but its mine sweeper and as you know its always random so it offers unlimited numbers of levels as standard mine sweeper offers and has been offering for many years =). Also Im glad you see my effort there, much appreciated =)

Amazing work.

You really managed to take the image of a standard Mario game and put your own influence into it. You did a great job on the wall jumps, even though most of them took me about 5 or 6 tries to pass. I also enjoyed how you changed the physics of swimming.

I liked the quality of your art and animation too, paying attention to little things like low blocks pushing Mario's hat down, and such. It was also nice how you snuck in the live action versions of Mario and Luigi in the mirror in the very beginning of the game.

Overall Great Job.

Berkman responds:

I actually regret the swimming changes, as its mechanics were really unlike the rest of the game, making it difficult to place (fluidly, pun away) into other levels. While water levels are notorious for being hard because of controls, I didn't really need to redo the physics to make it easier.

Thanks for the review! 'Very detailed, which I like.

Overall good game.

It was fairly entertaining, with a couple funny death animations for the target sliced in. The graphics are a bit lacking, in the sense that the entire background of the flash is just a hill, but it's not that big of a problem. My main concern is the fact that there isn't any background audio. You could have downloaded some sort of sound effect or music for the background off Flashkit or something.

Still though, the game is fun and interesting for what it is, and I'll bet a couple other people will enjoy it as well. It could do with some improvement, but it's still a fun game.

Whie it wasn't have been the most original concept

You managed to create wonderful, smooth graphics and animation to compliment the generic feel of a good space shooter, not to mention the great pace of the game, in which you are put on edge to find the nearest safe spot in the seemingly endless bombardment of asteroids. Not to mention the amazingly fitting background music.

You seemed to have the feel, speed and environment of a great space shooter mastered, and for that, I'll give you a 10/10.

JazLyte responds:

Thankyou kind sir :)

Nice game.

It's an original concept, I'll give you credit there, but the graphics are a bit lacking and the game is very repetitive.

I'm back, and looking to make some vidya gaems.

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